by Black Chalice

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released May 4, 2012



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Black Chalice Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Regret
There is something more here than we will ever know. There is more to life than what you collect. There is more to death than ceasing to breathe. There is more to being than living Will we be sorry? If the word is the problem as it stands. If our wrist should turn skywards. If our blades would carve in. If we watched the blood pour out. If we danced in that crimson rain. If we cried out to gods that weren’t there. If we realized that we made the greatest mistake. If we sat down to die. When will we be sorry? We will be sorry.
Track Name: Cornea
Staring into the sun, feeling the light burn out. A conundrum: that too much light can make everything go black. But that’s exactly what I want; an end to my vision and sight, an end to seeing the world as it is. All I’ll regret is never seeing you again. Hold my hand as the light fades. Hold my eyes open as I raise the blade.
Track Name: Submission
I lay my tired bones down at the foot of this hill. Toss down all my guilt and regret. Give all my sorrows to the stones and leave all my pain behind, then I can be free of it all.
Some people give themselves to gods and other stories, others to nation and race. I’ll choose not life eternal, nor allegiance to nation. I surrender myself to you.